Business FX - Group Travel/Tourism and Conferences

Solutions for Travel and Tourism Professionals

Because most travel and tourism professionals fix the price of their packages well before the beginning of the season, managing the risk of market fluctuations is critical for budget planning and protecting profit margins. Forex Israel offers a variety of customised risk-management tools that help travel and tourism professionals lock in rates of exchange months in advance—thereby helping to minimise the risks of market uncertainties.

For example, if you are planning a "Summer Sun" tour the brochures will go to print the autumn before. How will you know how to set the costs for the following summer packages when the currency won't be converted until a future date? In this scenario, a FORWARD CONTRACTS with Forex Israel enables you to purchase a specific amount of foreign currency at a secured rate of exchange for delivery on a set date, up to 12 months in the future. With this secured rate, you can confidently proceed with price listings and budget plans, without having to worry about currency fluctuations eroding your profit margins.

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Foreign Exchange Delivery to Your Hotel or On Site Group Service

Contact us to arrange delivery of funds to your hotel or conference. With service unmatched we will meet you at your location to take the hassle out of buying Israeli Shekels.