Personal FX - Overseas Purchases

One of the great unknowns when making a purchase in a foreign currency is the true cost of the transaction. Fluctuating exchange rates can make a planned purchase more expensive. Whilst corporate clients are given competitive exchange rates, individuals have usually been subjected to fluctuating margins and therefore can never really be sure what their purchase will actually cost them.

Property Purchase

Purchasing a property overseas can be daunting enough without having to worry about the cost changing due to fluctuating exchange rates and inflated margins. Forex Israel can alleviate this concern by offering you excellent exchange rates and by formulating a strategy to give you the best possible deal.

You find the PERFECT property...we give you the PERFECT exchange rate!

Car Purchase

If you're purchasing a car overseas you're after the best possible deal for your money. There's not much point going to all that trouble to be ripped off when it comes to purchasing foreign currency to make the payment.

Forex Israel assists in the purchase of cars overseas by ensuring that the exchange rate you receive results in the savings you make going into your pocket, not the company you used to purchase your foreign currency!

Bar Mitzvah or Wedding

Take the stress out of planning your Israel celebration.

Forex Israel can offer you excellent exchange rates, low (or no) fees and a strategy to ensure the smoothest process in paying for your affair. We can provide checks or cash in the denominations and currency of your choice to make paying for things in Israel easy and convenient.

We can deliver your funds to your hotel or residence, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your celebration.

Other Purchases

The vast majority of purchases from overseas will involve a currency exchange and thus you leave yourself open to exchange rate fluctuations and, more importantly, fluctuations in margins. This can often leave the true cost of the purchase a mystery and afford you little control.

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