Personal FX - Paying for Property Purchase

Whether you are a resident of Israel holding foreign currency or an international investor buying in Israel, you will likely have to perform one or more currency transactions to complete your property purchase.

The issue needs serious planning, especially if you are buying a new development 'off plan' where you are required to make several 'stage payments' during the construction of your property.

"LOCK IN THE RATE" - Fixing the Price of Your Home

One of the great unknowns when making a purchase in a foreign currency is the true cost of the transaction. Fluctuating exchange rates can make a planned purchase more expensive. Our LOCK IN THE RATE facilities allow you to lock in a desired rate for future payment, giving you the exact cost of your purchase today without having to be concerned with a fluctuating exchange rate.

Managing the Payments

Our experienced staff will coordinate, together with your lawyer, the timely payments to the seller. We will make sure that wire transfers or bank guaranteed checks are forwarded and credited on the correct business day to ensure that you don't lose money on the fluctuating exchange rate. We will help you to avoid late payment penalties and breach of contract issues resulting from delayed payments.

We have well-established relationships with lawyers, real estate agents and other professionals that can provide a wealth of useful information, and help make your real estate purchase as easy and smooth as possible.

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