General Info - Testimonials

Isaac Cohen, New York

I will be recommending Forex Israel to all of my friends purchasing real estate in Israel. Your service is excellent and the savings on my purchase of my home was outstanding. Your upfront “fixed cost” conversion service was transparent, reliable and risk free. My payments were made on time and credited the correct business day which took all the guess work out of paying for my real estate purchase in Israel. Thanks again for a stress free and easy transaction. I hope to do business with you again.

Walter Bernstein, BDS International Ltd

Our company has recently begun trading with you and I would like to congratulate you on your service. Since first looking at your site, and throughout each transaction since, I have had nothing but quiet efficiency of service. Your contact people have been most polite and effective, and monies have been transferred quickly and with no fuss.

I am pleased to say I will be sure to pass your details on to friends and colleagues when mentioning transfers, and look forward to continuing with your service into the future.

David Clare

I appreciate the service you have provided over the past few months. In retiring to Israel I have made half a dozen or so sterling transfers from the UK and each has arrived in my Israeli account successfully. The exchange rates you provide are excellent, particularly when compared with the normal UK banking system.

We were recommended to you by our son, who is in the mortgage business, and he suggested that this may be a reasonable method of achieving a favourable exchange rate. I must say that, initially, I was slightly concerned to trust someone I had never heard of to transfer my funds. Your initial phone call and follow up emails, however, put my mind at rest. You run a very professional company and your attention to detail, with constant email communication, is superb.

If you ever require a reference relating to the trustworthy and professional nature of your company I shall be more than obliged to assist.

Richard Kelman

I have used Forex Israel to send funds from overseas to Israel. On each occasion they have been prompt, helpful and (importantly) have saved me money. I previously used large banks to perform foreign exchange transactions which usually took longer and always cost more. On each occasion that I have sent money using Forex Israel, I compared their rates to other organisations and I have always saved money. If banks offered exchange rates and customer service like this, maybe their reputation wouldn't be so bad. I congratulate Forex Israel on a great service which I would (and do) highly recommend to anyone wishing to transfer funds.

Rob Dale

I have returned to Israel recently after working in the UK for a few years. I was looking for an inexpensive, hassle-free solution for transferring pounds from my UK account to my Israeli account. I initially contacted Forex Israel through their website, sending an email full of questions. I was amazed when I received a call from Forex Israel a few minutes later. All my questions were answered on the spot and the service explained thoroughly. Now that I have registered with Forex Israel, it takes only a few minutes for me to initiate a transfer request via the internet. I have found the service to be easy, fast, great value and most importantly secure. I am very impressed with the personal service I have received and highly recommend Forex Israel.